2 comments on “The anti-Ted Gerk bill

  1. Knowning.. not knowning the block is there to protect those who are doing there job. It is there to protect against rogue people such as Ted Gerk to make a public spectical out of something that is not in your hands. You have no fuel to add to your rage if you don’t have a number to rally a mob. A mob that rallys for no real purpose or real cause is a defination of a cult backed by a wacko who has posion punch waiting for you to drink in the name of abortion.

    Abortion is there for women who didn’t have a choice for women who don’t feel comfortible bringing a child into this world. It is kept private for this very reason because it is ultimately their choice not yours the MOB. Real world issues need to be looked into like cleaner energy needs to be incorporated, Investment for better living for the lower class.

    In the end, take it from a religious perspective it is in God’s hands. He will ultimately decide if abortion will be allowed but don’t think for one moment that you or Ted Gerk are doing the handy work of God.

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