One comment on “No more wasting time: Abortion Hospitals pick up their toys and go home….

  1. After all of the work in preparing the case. Months of paperwork and preparation for a hearing is discarded like yesterday’s trash, much the same as they throw out the countless unborn, without the slightest consideration for heart of the matter. They don’t want anyone to know how many babies are actually dying in British Columbia. What a sham and what a shame. The NDP brought in the legislation hiding all abortion related information and the Liberals have done nothing to undo that blindfold for the last 10 years.

    Even Stats Canada expects more from the provincial record keepers when they reported last year that BC’s abortion numbers were “too unreliable” to add to the Canadian totals. If Stats Canada can’t trust the abortion industry to count properly, how can we be sure they aren’t ripping off the Ministry of Health? Goodness knows they would love to find some place to apply proper accounting procedures. This latest move by the Health authorities is nothing more than an attempt to shut up and shut out any inquisitive minds that might want some truth to finally come out of the abortion purveyors in this province.

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