4 comments on “Law as a Teacher

  1. You are corrct. We women do not want any advocacy people on eithe side. Just go away and leave it alone!!!!!!!!!!!! as the system works as well as it is going to. Legislation will not improve anything, as it will make both extremes unhappy and make create more litigation fo no beneit to anyone. I understand the pro-life view well, but even as a conservative, I could never support an anti-abortion position.

  2. I am a blogging Conservative who supports a woman’s right to choose whether or not to have a baby. I also strongly support aborting the illegitimate children of rape. Let’s not let the evil gene flourish.

  3. What an interesting couple of comments. Both of the above observbations appear to have missed the point about the law being the teacher. If you leave a bad law in place long enough you soon discover the acceptance of that law is so entrenched in society that it moves heaven and earth to protect the bad law from ever having its evil intentions exposed by the forces of common sense. these two comments only undescore how insidious the law can be as a teacher. To Blogging conservative Iceman I ask that he or she substitute the word “Kill” for the words “abort” or “choose” in his comment. Open your ears and listen to what you are saying.

  4. Wow. “Let’s not let the evil gene flourish.” Now, is THAT’s not the epitome of an assuming statement, I don’t know what example is. So, according to your argument, because a baby was created out of a terrible event (and I do mean that), he/she deserves to be condemned as “evil,” before ever being given a chance to choose good, and die for someone else’s atrocity? Now, please don’t get me wrong; there are not many things in this world that I can think of that are worse than the act of rape. Rape is also not an easy issue to handle in an abortion debate, nor is it something that is anywhere close to being easy to “handle” for the victims. That being said, still, the statement “not let the evil gene flourish” is extraordinarily presumptive and, more-so, arrogantly judgmental. Humans cannot accurately assess actual distance past 2-3 meters. What makes you think you can assess the moral fiber of an unborn child’s entire life?

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