5 comments on “The bottom line……remembered

  1. Problem is that they assume women are stupid and don’t understand that they are killing a baby. That’s why so many women who have abortions suffer for it all their lives. They buy into the Liberal/Progressive rhetoric at the time because it suits their purposes, but later, when they really think about, they understand what they did. I wonder if the for-death squads would ban a Muslim group that was against abortion? Oh, the problem of being “progressive”!

    (As an aside: White on black, is very hard to read for older eyes.)

  2. “i would think that any society that kills it’s unborn children will not last very long.”

    Witness the state of the western world and I fear you are telling a very unfrotunate truth.

  3. A deeper question is who is “us” in “Choice’s” statement? This will lead us to see the spiritual battle (even as a study of socialism/communism leads to the data in Rev. Richard Wurmbrand’s book, Marx & Satan).

  4. When I try to have a decent discussion with pro-choicers, they always fall into argument about, women’s rights, rape, the laws of man, the dangers of givin birth etc… Why do they always try to get away from the real issus? Because they know deep inside their hearts that abortion is the killing of a real human being! They are not that stupid( I hope) to think that life begins at birth! They were once a zigote, a fetus and embryo! I always ask them, when dit your own life began? They always try to escape the real answer! At conception! Abortion was brought into the world as an industry because the porn industry tied to organised crime, human trafficking and all the other things that dammage humanity! They sold the idea to ordinary women so they could walk hand in hand with abortion industry! Now that enormous amount of money is made throught the abortion and porn industry; they will brainwash everybody so they can keep making money. We let them do it without any opposition or littel opposition. Now we cannot put the genie back in the bottle!

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