2 comments on “Complications from Abortion? That information is forbidden!

  1. My wife worked in the NICU at a large hospital for 25 years.
    She thought there was a high correlation between women who had abortions and then had a sick baby.

  2. Many years ago, before morgantaler became a household word, I attended a workshop led by an adult nurse, who said, among other things, if abortion become legal, or widespread, women will be getting breast cancer at a younger and younger age.
    Your body starts immediate changes as soon as pregnancy occurs, and one of those changes is in your breasts, getting ready to produce milk.
    An abortion will not reverse those changes, and the later you have one, the more those changes have taken place. Reversing or stopping the pregnacy via abortion will cause untold damge and possibly lead to breast cancer.
    This does not happen in natural miscarriages.
    Seems she war right, those many years ago.
    And has anyone read the report on the Pill, written by the doctors that wrote about thalidomide, and their warning that within a generation, daughters of mothers who took the pill for years, and then took it themselves, will result in an increase number of births with some kind of disability. Again, they were right.

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