2 comments on “NDP David Schreck: Support overturning BC’s FOI Censorship law?

  1. I believe that Shreck was tweeting about the issue of whether NDP leadership dreamer, Nicholas Simon should reveal his social networks’ passwords to the Party for their perusal of Simons’ content, in order to prevent any embarrassments.

    Simons has correctly refused.

    Question is if the site is set to ‘public’, which most active users do, then we all can see the content anyways.

  2. I wish you folks, obviously in the higher-educated-strata of Canadian political discourse, would take a moment, and look up in a Dictionary (it probably will have to be about 2″ thick to even include the phrase in its list of definitions ) the meaning of the phrase, “to beg the question”. It’s not what you think it is! C’mon guys! You’re making conservatives sound stupid.

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