3 comments on “Another Former British Columbia NDP MLA on why Censor FOI

  1. I wonder if Ms. Evelyn Gillespie believes her own illogical take on abortion statistics. It doesn’t even make sense. How does knowledge limit “choice”, aka abortion access? Clearly it doesn’t. But those who would restrict access to these and other abortion statitistics, are actually limiting Canadians right to know what those statistics are. It is hard to comprehend why anyone would fear the truth, which is really what we are talking about here.

  2. Although this is not a hot issue with me, abortion I mean, I must say that I find these people very dangerous. Either there is FOI or there is not. Selective FOI smacks of totalitarian communist regimes and must not be tolerated in a democratic free society. It is the same with freedom of expression in that you have it or you do not. There is no room for selective freedom of expression.

    • I agree. Access to Information is meaningless if government can selectively and for political reasons, censor information that would hold them to account and foster debate.

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