2 comments on “Ontario judges abortion statistics too sensitive to share

  1. Thank God in heaven that Canada has a brilliant, moralistic, Christian conservative Prime Minister that cares about our values in society. I could only well imagine what would have happened if the bleeding heart liberals or NDP have gotten elected. Dear God we’d have publicly funded abortion and selective abortion killing baby girls.

    Thank you Mr. Harper for protecting our children and our Conservative family values. God Bless you Sir.

  2. When you engage in a holocaust for votes but call it choice and the victims are 100% defenseless, do you think they want uniformed Canadians to know they number in the millions? or that there is NO LAW governing the holocaust er big abortion industry of death.
    I wonder also at the financial cost, how much revenue was lost to Canada through these killings of convenience and who should be made to pay reparations to the national treasury, seems obvious some organization should, say abortionists and pro choice groups.
    Trudeau’s real legacy is a holocaust on the unborn.

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