5 comments on “Mass Rioting occurs over release of detailed abortion statistics: LOL

    • Ye sthere is a difference. One does not try to control the release of information and the other thinks we can’t handle the truth.

  1. Oddly, there doesn’t seem to be anything in your blog post supporting the assertion that there is “rioting in the streets”. The photo you’ve included is a stock photo of the 2011 Stanley Cup riots in Vancouver.

    Can you provide the article supporting your headline? Or any third-party report confirming it?

    • Perhaps the last 3 letters at the end of the title will provide a hint: LOL

      It means, Laugh Out Loud.

      The post is sarcastic…the use of the photo ironic that the only rioting going on deals with sports events…not the release of abortion data.

  2. well let me share some light on the situation of fudged #’s using comparisons with our neighbours to the south. After all we seem to be at a one to ten ratio in most all data collected.

    Our best guess, favouring pro- gag, abortionists here in Victoria, puts our estimates at a paltry 1500+ abortions per year, with a population base of 360,000 . The county of Los Angeles with a population base of 10,000,000 persons aborts 1286 Human Beings per month. If we multiply that by 12 it equals 15,432 babies per year.

    Victoria B.C. with a ratio of 1 to 28 with Los Angeles would then at its current rate abort 42,000 HUMAN BABIES per year.

    Wait i am not finished, Stats Canada figures for 2010, has B.C. at 4.5 million people with 15,000 + abortions per year, this again compared to Los Angeles County , the ratio is 1 to 2.1 for a total of 31,500 aborted human beings.

    Everywhere you look for data(after all #’s don’t lie) the United States with a population of
    315,000,000 reports1,200,000abortions per year—- Canada with a population of 31,000,000 reports 100,000 abortions per year.This ratio of 10 to 1 is now almost right on.

    The only answer that seems to jump right out at us from the screen is that here in B.C. ,WE HAVE NO PROBLEM in using ABORTION AS BIRTH CONTROL or that we truly have become a PROVINCE WITH A COLD HEART OF STONE AND INDIFFERENCE to OUR UNBORN HUMAN BABIES.

    Let me try math one more time, 315,000,000 divided by 4,500,000 equals 70, multiply this by 15,000+ reported DEATH BY ABORTION in B.C., in the reporting (1 year) period ending in May 2010, puts us at, you guessed it, the 10 to 1 ratio.

    In respect with what i have seen here and only in Victoria the #’s that come and go into this abortion facility would suggest a higher # of performed abortion procedures. Does Pro-Choice also mean restriction of freedom of information on how and where our taxes are spent. Should an ABORTIONIST be able to BECOME A MILLIONAIRE in a couple of three years or so. No wonder beds in hospitals are a premium and scarce.

    Here is just a thought, with all the botched abortions and medical consequences due to the abortive procedures all around the world, i have yet to here of one such incidence here in Canada ever. Again the ratio does tells the truth. Something is afoul with our reporting system. I wonder why !

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