5 comments on “BC’s Missing Abortion Data: Information Failure With Provincial Abortion Statistics & Information

  1. With respect, it’s not just the media establishment that will ignore this, but the majority of citizens as well. No-one is interested in this divisive, toxic debate, and Canadians long ago subscribed to the notion that it is a woman’s right to choose- not yours.
    Give it up, already.

    • @Relayer…That’s a simpleton’s response. “Just shut up?” That’s all you have left? I think you’re going to find that many people are breaking free of this mantra that you and people like you have hypnotized them with. It’s not about trampling on the rights of women, it’s about championing the rights of living human beings who cannot defend themselves.

  2. Well, since data and information in no way impact the so-called “woman’s right to choose”, you don’t mind if, since we taxpayers pay for them, have access to information about what we are paying for?

  3. Historians look back at the 1700’s with disgust at the practice of slavery. I can only imagine the disgust of future historians who look back on the twentieth century and its unimaginable inhumane abortion of millions of babies. One has to wonder about the “conspiracy of silence” about the Gosnell murders of both babies and mothers; have we a national soul left? Or have we become so barbaric that none of this matters any more? We have such national outrage against a mentally deranged child killing 20 students, but ignore this Holocaust of a large part of several generations? This is an attack first on humanity, secondly on the Black community. The reason to exist for Planned Parenthood’s foundation was the control and eventual decimation (as Darwin predicted) of the black race. And almost 100 years later, it is still on task.

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