7 comments on “Choice? The abortion debate is over so shut up

  1. I actually agree that the abortion debate in Canada is over and there is NO upside and a lot of downside for Conservatives to reopen it.

    That battle was lost long ago. Get over it. Move on.

    I hate seeing conservatives lose elections fighting battles they can’t win.

  2. “The debate is over.” Yeah, right! If abortion was still illegal in Canada, they would be working the debate as much as possible. But as soon as abortion becomes legal, the way they want, they say the debate is over. This is NOT because the debate is over. It’s because suddenly they find themselves on the winning side right now. They think they can keep it that way, by coming up with an excuse to suppress debate, and this suppresses the speech and expression of the other side. It’s basically an excuse to silence the free speech of those who disagree with them. Why should we respect this? just keep on debating whether the pro-aborts like it or not. THE DEBATE IS NOT OVER.

  3. Just trying to get my head wrapped around the concept of the Chartered guarantee to Life, Liberty and Security of the person?

    Apparently that’s why we don’t have the death penalty for child killers or corporal punishment for criminal in prisons. This concept is why we embrace criminals like Michael Rafferty and Terri-Lynne McClintic and terrorists like omar khadr and his family!

    But yet we kill unborn children!

  4. The problem with the Charter is that it is rather iffy as to the primacy of one right over another, when one right conflicts with the other. What it has produced is a HUGE legal industry.

    As a conservative who is nominally religious and more-or-less pro-choice, for the most part, there are nuances that are today being mostly taken care of between women, hospitals and doctors, probably fairly well. Although I am pro-choice FTMP, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind, being a mother, that a fetus is a human being before birth; that said, I am not so sure that that an unborn baby should have legal rights. Ergo, I am very happy that some of the private member’s bills have not succeeded. However, I am not happy that all abortions are funded by health care, so we absolutely do need a discussion.

    So the editors of this newspaper are completely naive and unthinking; nothing is either settled or simple. What we need to do is stop politicizing and legalizing the issue; only then, can we have a sensible conversation about practical problems: women do get pregnant when they do not want to do so, even with birth control, and always have. And, now we have a new problem of sex-selective abortions, which most Canadians would abhor. We will never satisfy all parties, as compromises actually do not work very well, especially for those on the polar ends of the debate. Pro-choice activists and those who believe that no abortions should ever occur will NEVER be happy. Nothing will happen as long as the left wing parties try to “get” conservatives; Harper is wise to not go there. I hate to admit it, but the sensible conversation will only be permitted by the MSM party when we have, hopefully in a very distant future, a Liberal government. They should be the ones to clean up the doo-doo in the back yard left by Trudeau.

  5. There is no woman who dreams or wishes to have an abortion. When a woman makes such a choice is because she has no choice. It is best to leave a soul with God than to throw it on the planet where the mother cannot see a promising future for this child. God is huge, he understands all situations. True Love is to accept human error.. that is why we are here. Rejecting and judging others makes us the bigger sinners and absolutely no better than those we judge.

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