One comment on “Imagine our Future…

  1. This page,from what I can see, consists of the usual socialist bafflegab that in reality can mean whatever the person in charge wants it to mean. They’ve used almost every buzzword in the leftist lexicon on that one page.I can imagine the rest of the booklet is the same.

    The NDP: promises,promises, but NO idea how to create an environment in which there will be tax money to pay for their fantasies. Free post-secondary education? How can we pay for it if you shut down the Resource sector? Green sustainable jobs? What does THAT mean,more fantasizing over technology that doesn’t exist?

    And their frequent use of “inclusive”,sounds so warm and fuzzy,means absolutely sfa.

    The best reason to NEVER vote in an NDP government is they believe their own rhetoric and are totally at a loss as to what they just promised or how to implement their fantastic agenda one they do gain power.

    So,they muddle along pandering to Big Union and greens,to the detriment of the Province.

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